Monday, October 14, 2013

Feast of Pottery

This afternoon, I visited a Feast of Pottery (see a list of participants below), at the Quidi Vidi Village Plantation. Alexis Templeton, a well known St. John's potter, has been curating this event the last several years. In fact, it looks like it will become a yearly event held on the Canadian Thanksgiving weekend. I was given permission to take lots of photos to show to you. I will probably have to do several posts to cover the exhibition.

Here's a list of the award winning international ceramic artists featured in this show:
One piece, by David Hayashida and Linda Yates, was of particular interest, as it had a quilt hanging on a clothesline. As many of my followers are quilters, I thought this would be a fitting first piece to display. Enjoy the rest of the show and check back later for more photos. Oh, the little red dots on some pieces, means it's sold! In fact, most of the pieces have been purchased.

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