Sunday, October 6, 2013

Marbling on Fabric

At the last meeting of the Eastern Edge Quilters, guest quilter, Theresa Benteau MacLean, demonstrated how to marble on fabric. Theresa is a graduate of the Textile Program here in St. John's and enjoys experimenting with various forms of surface design on fabric.

"Marbling is the art of floating paints on top of a thick solution called size, manipulating the paints into patterns, then transferring the pattern to an object by gently placing the object on top of the paints. You can marble anything." For a bit of history on this art form, visit HERE.

Theresa set up pans of the base solution for the demonstration. Of course, some lucky quilters (me included), got to make our own piece of marbled fabric.

Bloom Bake & Create and Textile Arts Center have more information on this process.

Have a look at some of the pieces we did.

The piece with the blue background is mine!

The top three were made by Theresa

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  1. ZOWIE! This is VERY cool. I have done it on paper- YEARS ago, but this is great!!