Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Baby Quilt

I finally got a photo of the baby quilt my sister made for her first grandchild in Austin, Texas.
It's called 40 Dozen Geese Flying North for the Summer! Isn't it just beautiful, but then I'm a bit biased. It has 960 triangles which translates into 480 coloured geese. The quilt has a bamboo batting.

I remember my sister saying she used Thangles Quilting Paper to make the small triangles. That looks like an easy way to do it. You can view a demonstration of the Thangles method HERE but if you are into using traditional methods for this technique, check HERE.

The Purl Bee has a tutorial of a Mini Quilt of the Month, July: Flying Geese.
Connecting Threads also has a tutorial on Flying Geese - Make 'em Fast
These triangles are not in my future but they might be in yours!
Enjoy. . .

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  1. Triangles are so great in quilts - they add so much movement to the design! I wish we could see the whole quilt as what is shown is awesome!