Friday, May 31, 2013

Nancy Bergman Workshop

This Saturday, Sunday and Monday I will be attending two workshops given by Nancy Bergman, quilt artist, from Ontario, Canada. I was first introduced to Nancy's beautiful work when I attended the Kitchener Waterloo and Area Quilt festival in 2004. I had a small piece entered into the exhibit called Constructions of Canada, and was attending the show. Nancy also had a piece there called Kenora Boatyards - 1906. Needless to say, I was smitten by that piece and kept going back to view it. This piece caught everyone's attention as it won the 2004 Grand Prize, Constructions of Canada. Take a few minutes to view more of Nancy's work.

The Cabot Quilt Guild and the Eastern Edge Quilt Guild are hosting two of Nancy's workshops
  • Woodlands for the Landscape Quilter
  • Sky, Water, Islands, Shorelines, Icebergs and Thread Painting Pine Trees for the Landscape Quilter
Hopefully I'll get some photos to share with you. According to the course descriptions, it should be three interesting days!

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  1. Totally green with envy with the workshop you will be attending! Nancy's work is stunning and thank you for the link!
    Your own work is awe inspiring but I'm sure you will enjoy Nancy's class! Wish I were there!