Thursday, May 23, 2013

Something Fishy Comes This Way!

Today I'm sharing my latest Pisci Fantasticus creations. If you are in the St. John's downtown area you will soon see some of my 3-D fish hanging in the window of the Newfoundland Weavery. The Weavery is carrying some of my smaller creations: shimmers, art cards, greeting cards and pins. There will also be a limited number of the hanging fish. I use batiks for the fish as the fabric colours are so vibrant! Check here, here and here for more fish on my blog.

I will also be having a guest posting an article soon. Check back!


  1. How whimsical! My husband and I are planning to visit Newfoundland in September, so now I have another place to look out for!

  2. Those fish are just wonderful, you wouldn't see yourself publishing the patterns?