Thursday, May 24, 2012

Quidi Vidi - Finished At Last!

I've been working on a commissioned piece for the last month. It has been a bit challenging as I was unsure where I was going with it. The cliffs are dyed cheesecloth over hand dyed cotton. Free motion stitching with a smoke coloured invisible thread was used to give more texture in the background. I used this method for the mountains in my quilted piece, Western Brook Gorge (scroll down). The shed is broadcloth. This fabric isn't as heavy as cotton and very easy to fold without the bulk. The windows are cut out with grey organza over black fabric to give the look of glass. The water is black organza over black cotton. Some black tulle was used for shadows.  If you go HERE you will see a photo of this scene before any renovations were made on the building.


  1. Wow!! Gorgeous! It's wonderful!

    I love that building at Quidi Vidi! I was lucky enough to see it and had a beer at that wonderful bar in town, can't remember the name, where the lady cplains about everything under the sun.

    You really did a wonderful job on that piece Judy....

  2. Wow, just Wow, can't think of anything else to say!

  3. Fabulous! I'd love to see this close up.