Sunday, May 20, 2012

Virtual Journey to Japan

I was checking out an Australian site, Auchenflower to Whereever With Chris (well worth a visit by the way). Chris recommended Kimono Reincarnate by Melanie Gray Augustin. She takes you on a virtual tour of her trip to Japan. Today was day 9. Her photos are fantastic!

I noticed she had a couple of photos showing very decorative manhole covers. When I attended the Houston Quilt Festival, 2001, I purchased two quilting books on this theme, Quilting with Manhole Covers and Treasures Underfoot by Shirley MacGregor. These are beautiful books to add to any quilt library. Did I mention that I just love Japanese art - its simplicity of line, colour? You get the message. I have always intended to do something from one of these books but I got caught up in doing my own art instead. Check HERE for photos from these books. I have quite a collection of books on Japanese inspired art quilts.

Enjoy your visit to Japan! Don't forget to check out Chris's blog.

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  1. Thanks for the plug, Judy - Melanie's trip is almost over - hope we continue to see more photos - maybe one day we can meet there!!!!