Monday, May 28, 2012

Needle Felting

This morning was spent packaging some of my card sets for retail. I also have a new set from the last four commissioned pieces I've done. Those still have to be printed. Now I'm 'playing' around with my needle felting machine. I need to get some felted sheets ready to make some art cards and wearable art pins. HERE's a video on machine needle felting. Tips for machine needle felting can be found on Linda Matthews blog HERE.

  • I started out with a piece of dark gray felt which I covered with different colours of wool roving and decorative yarns. 
  • Next, I let my felting machine / embellisher do the work! This machine takes the place of doing it the hard way - by hand! 
  • Using Sulky Sliver thread, I free motion stitched over the entire sheet of embellished felt.
  • The sheet was trimmed and cut into 2 1/2" x 2" pieces.
  • Each piece was taped to a blank card, initialled and packaged.
It's difficult in a photo to see the glitz in the Sliver thread but the cards pop! 


  1. I keep thinking I will make christmas cards and you have given me an excellent idea for them -- I know it is a long way til christmas, but if I do it soon it will be ready when I want them! I have wool, I have the hand felter thingy, now to hunt up some rovings in golds, greens and reds...