Sunday, May 6, 2012

More Eye Candy!!

As promised, here's the rest of the photos I took of Gertie Little's art quilts.

The green plaid quilt is her version of Newfoundland Tartan. It is all pieced together. "The Newfoundland Provincial Tartan was developed in 1955 by the late Sam Wilansky, a clothier on Water Street in St. John's, and was registered in Scotland as the Provincial Tartan in 1973." The tartan is green with gold, white, brown and red bands of colour. These colours were chosen to correspond with Newfoundland's Anthem, The Ode to Newfoundland. The green represents the 'pine clad hills'; gold represents 'the suns rays'; white represents 'the cloak at Winter's stern command'; brown represents 'the Iron Isle', a reference to Bell Island where iron ore was mined from the 1890's to the 1960's and red represents England's Royal Standard for which our Fathers stood.

As you can see, Gertie is a very accomplished quilt artist!

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  1. OMG but the quilts are jaw dropping gorgeous!!! For some people, the plaid quilt may not seem overly exciting, but to a quilter, to see all those matched corners is just unbelievable!!!!! Well done, and even beyond well done!!! Absolutely stunning work! They are all lovely.. but i am thrilled by the last photo and those 3 dimensional flowers.. I am in love with that one!!! I can't even imagine how those little purple flower buds were made!! gorgeous and thank you again so much for sharing this wonderful work!