Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day

How to Quilt (click on heart)
I'm not into making things for these 'special' days but I did find a few things that might interest some of you. I know it's rather late for this year, but just think - you now have a whole year to make something special for next year!!

Hearts in Motion
Valentine Heart Block and another one here and here
Heart Quilt Block (part of a seasonal & holiday series of wall hangings)
Valentine Quilt Patterns
Pieced Heart Fabric Postcard
Valentine Heart Quilt
Mosaic Hearts
Ideas from eQuilt Patterns
Hugs & Kisses
Valentine Pennie Pockets 
Heart Pattern Links (a couple of the links don't work) 
Happy Valentine's Day (my last year's post)

Enjoy your day!

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