Thursday, February 10, 2011

Angelina Fibers

Old stash of Angelina fibers
I just received my latest order of Angelina Fibers from Embellishment Village. Over the years I have used bags of the stuff in my work. I thought I had all the colours available but that wasn't so. A few new colours have been added which I had to have! You can see them in the first photo. The second photo shows my original stash of Angelina fibers, Crystalina fibers and fusible film.
I use snippets of the film with the fibers. I will take a piece of the film, scrunch it in my hand, smooth it out again (leaving lovely lines) and then cut it up to use with the fibers. Using a rotary cutter with decorative blades also gives a neat look to the fusible film. I tried to use a pair of fancy paper scissors (generally used for scrap booking) but they didn't work at all. They were just cheap paper ones. The more expensive ones probably work fine.

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  1. The fibers are really pretty! I have only had success with pinking shears or wavy rotary cutters in cutting it once is fused. I did a workshop where we fused it onto a used dryer sheet and then cut out simple shapes for unique appliques. I used this technique to make angel and fairy wings.