Monday, February 7, 2011

Cup Cakes

Robert Kaufman Sweet Tooth Cupcake Petal Pink Fabric
The Cup Cake theme seems to be everywhere these days! I read that cup cakes are even taking the place of the traditional wedding cake. They have been used for years as treats for kids parties so why not weddings. I remember having them at parties when I was a child. Because this is such a popular theme, I did do a journal cover with a cupcake motif. But that is for another day.

These two fabrics are from the Robert Kaufman cupcake collection.

In my research for cup cake themed items, I found some interesting stuff. Some you might like while others you may wonder about. Anyway, have fun - you never know when an occasion will arise that cries out for a cup cake!

Cupcake Purse
Cupcake Doll
Cupcake Coin Purse 
Cupcake Pin Cushion
Felt Cupcake  (I like the way the icing was constructed for this one)
Needle felted cupcakes and other treats
Cupcake Crocheted Hat
Fancy knitted cupcake
Cupcake Ornament  (check out the other free patterns on this site)
Check out the Quilted Cupcake's Sewing Machine! Free quilted cupcake pattern here.
Rug with cupcake applique
Cupcake Embroidery Patterns. More here and here!
Cupcake Mini Quilt


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