Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Crafty Blogs - UK

On Sunday, I blogged about the Patchwork & Quilting Blog List at Red Pepper Quilts. Today I came across another source of blogs. This time it is Crafty Blogs exclusive to the UK. Reading down through the list of blogs I came across some very interesting names. A lot of the sites listed are for paper crafts. I found it a tad frustrating trying to find the sewing /quilting / stitching blogs among all the paper related ones. A search engine for the site would have been nice.
Since there are so many sites to view, I've selected a few blogs (some with free downloads) related to quilting, sewing, and needle craft.

Cross Stitch Charts
Needle Work & Knitting  (lots of different stuff here)
Tutorials at Flossie Teacakes
Knitted Toy Box
Bustle & Sew (interesting stuff)
Very Berry Handmade (list of some more blogs)
Crafty Corner
Ellieskeepers Creations (list of blogs)
Hand Embroidery Network (HEN) I have a link to this site on my blog list
The Magic Bean(patterns
The Patchwork Heart 
Hand Knitted Things
Indigo Blue

I went only as far as the end of page 12 to find these.

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