Friday, July 23, 2010

Printmaking with Gelatin

Making a gelain print from HGTV
Are you interested in trying a different way to print on fabric without a press? Linda Germain's blog is devoted to ways of printing on fabric. One way is to use gelatin. I've used rubber stamps and stencils as well as transfer paints but I haven't tried printmaking with gelatin. Yes, gelatin. Apparently early printmakers used a gelatin base for transferring an image onto paper. Linda has several short videos on her blog about gelatin printing. Take a moment to view them! To make your own gelatin plate check here. YouTube is another place to view Linda's videos as well as a few videos by other artists.

Check these out:
How to make a Gelatin Monoprint Accordion Book
Interview with Amanda Gordon Miller (scroll down to read about gelatin printing)
Cat Bennett's project - Floppity Flop
Maryland Printmakers
Gelatin Printmaking 202
Elizabeth Creates


  1. yes, I remember this from my art school days. When I have time will follow these links. Thank you.

  2. Thanks for the links. It is fun to gelatin print. I hope more people are inspired to try it. Linda Germain