Sunday, July 18, 2010

Landscape Quilting

I was reading some of the postings from Valerie Hearder's landscape group today and came across a reference to Quilters TV, specifically videos on Sewing with Nancy. The Art of Landscape Quilting videos part 1, 2, and 3 are listed and you can view them at your leisure. I have seen these before but had forgotten about them. If you google landscape quilting videos, you will find a fair collection on that topic to watch. It's amazing the number of full videos and video clips that are out there for free.
This landscape (not quilted) is one of a series I made with icebergs in the distance. It is mostly hand appliqued with some machine free motion stitching and hand embroider. The sky and water are hand dyed.
For more information on landscape quilting, check out the landscape quilts on Paintings With Fabric.
Interesting article here on How To Make a Landscape Quilt.
Quilted Views by Joan Jamieson.
Veronica's Sewing Supplies, Saskatchewan, Canada, has beautiful landscape fabrics. Check out the store.
Now it's your turn to try your hand on making landscapes!


  1. Judy that quilt is beautiful. The only place to see icebergs this year will be in our art.

  2. Hi Judy just so you are in the loop, I have started a new Facebook page called "Landscape Quilting Community". It does not sell anything just another place for artists to chat about their landscape quilting projects. I am keen to see what our Canadian landscapers are doing so please encourage your followers to log on and share their projects and their ideas. Many Thanks. Wendy from "Landscape Quilters Community"!!