Thursday, July 8, 2010


Durian, is a fruit that is known as 'stinky fruit'. I have a Chinese sister-in-law in Ottawa and she introduced me to this fruit. Her family will not permit her to cut it open or eat it in the house so we had it out on the patio. When I first saw it, I was skeptical as to trying it. But what the heck, I could always spit it out if I didn't like it. Before I read about it, I compared its colour and texture to custard - stringy custard. The smell, because it was frozen, wasn't as bad as I thought. It did smell a bit like something had spoiled but once you get by that part, the taste was quite nice. I did go back for seconds. Check out the interesting story about this fruit here.
Here's the video about how smelly this fruit really is!

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  1. fun blog today, Judy. I also like the look of your blog...simple, elegant, easy to read.