Sunday, July 4, 2010

Happy 4th. of July to Our Southern Neighbours

Happy 4th. of July! My daughter and American husband are living in Chicago. They just started a new business, Forte Framing and Gallery. I've never experienced a 4th of July holiday but I hear there are lots of fireworks and other celebrations. I've found a few free patterns dedicated to the American 4th of July holiday, however, I realize these can't be completed for this year but maybe it will get you thinking for next year! Better still, why not design youe own simple wall hanging or placemats! Use my research as a jumping off place to give you a few ideas but take that next step and put together something original. It's easy to take someone elses pattern but with a bit of thought I'm sure you can do your own thing! 

Table Topper
Flag Block (scroll down)
Three Paper Pieced American Flags
Fireworks Quilt Pattern
Happy Flag Day
Shooting Stars Quilt
Independence Day Quilt
Fourth of July Placemat

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