Saturday, December 5, 2015

Some Warm Welcome Project for Syrian Refugees

I had 'Some Good Day' at Some Good Market.

If you aren't from Newfoundland, you probably get a chuckle out of hearing someone saying that something is 'some good'. For example, 'That supper was some good' instead of saying 'That was a good supper.' Enough on that!

Laurie LeGrow started Some Good Market a couple of years ago as a place for crafters / artists to sell their product to the local market year round. This has since grown to the point that it has become a place to visit on market day. However, this isn't quite the focus of my post. Laurie decided to become involved with knitting warm hats, mitts, scarves etc. for the Syrian Refugees coming to Canada this fall and winter.

Some Good Market is inviting knitters and crocheters from all over to make a warm hat (or mittens, vamps, socks or scarves) in any size or shape to welcome Syrian refugees when they arrive in Canada.

If you are wish to find out more about this project, please visit Laurie's blog HERE and the write up on CBC

The following welcoming messages, written in English, French and Arabic, are to be attached to each piece of knitwear. (Some Good Market/Facebook)



  1. What a nice idea! I'm also working on some donation knitting right now - hats, mostly. Keeps me in the holiday spirit.
    (p.s. I learned "some good" when I lived in Colorado...maybe it's a regional thing that skipped a few regions in between!)

    1. Thanks for commenting. That's interesting about the phrase "Some Good". Maybe some Newfoundlanders moved there ages ago! Wouldn't that be funny!

  2. What an excellent thing to do. I am happy seeing people in Canada helping other people from so far away.AriadnefromGreece!