Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Mini-Guild Evening

Tonight the 'Mini-Guild Gals (6 of us) met at Verna's place. Her house is all decorated for Christmas and her Temari Balls are hanging in prominent places . Her newest is an egg shaped (special Christmas request) Temari in Easter colours. Beautiful work!

As we were leaving, I noticed a Christmas Temari that I didn't remember seeing before. Apparently, it was an early one that Verna designed herself. It has the star on top, three trees around the ball and a tree skirt on the bottom. Quite a lovely piece!

Temari Balls hang everywhere! 

Thanks, Verna, for allowing me to photo and post about your lovely pieces.


  1. Each ornament is a little work of art, that's for sure. I can't begin to imagine how many miles of thread have gone into them!

    1. Lots of thread is used , that's for sure. Serger thread is good for covering most of the ball.

  2. Wow! gorgeous. thanks for sharing