Monday, December 14, 2015

Pot Buddies

After retiring from teaching in 1997, I needed something constructive to do. The first thing I did was to create art cards with fabric cutouts. They worked fairly well as no one was doing that here. Wanting to experiment with other craft, I created some Pot Buddies. Each one was a different personality. I was fairly successful with these but it wasn't exactly what I wanted to do either.

Judy P., do you remember these? We chuckle about these occasionally and about how far I've gone in my art since then!

My Pot Buddies!! I made a number of these and sold them at a local flower shop. Santa was kept and he makes an appearance every Christmas. 



  1. I did crafts similar to this pot guy back in the 80's and other Christmasy things as well. For about 5 years I averaged about $5000 a year. I quit when the craft show interest fell off and found I was making what people wanted to buy and not what I wanted to make. It's a vicious circle. That Santa Pot was a great idea!!
    Merry Christmas

  2. Wow Judy I had never seen these before but they are so darned sweet! I may have to make some of these with an Easter theme for friends and family this coming year! I have to agree with Carol that the craft show thing has died here in upstate New York as well although I hear it is still going strong down South. I have too many pets to drop everything and travel so I have to rely on the internet and this year I found that tough as well. Oh well 2016 looms on the horizon and hope burns eternal! Have a great day Judy and thanks for sharing this little guy, he is adorable!
    Tina xo

  3. This little fellow is a cute idea. I made several different things from flower pots at one time too but didn't end up keeping any for myself.