Sunday, August 17, 2014

Recent Purchases

Here's a few of my purchases from my recent quilt shop treks.
  • I couldn't resist getting  more variegated greens for making lots of foliage on organza.
  • I have a project in mind for the stripes and dots.
  • Wool roving called out to me. It's hard to tell, but the various colours are wonderful!
  • Who can't resist metallic cottons.
  • More threads but this time for the embroidery machines.
The photo needs to be rotated but my internet connection is slow!! I won't tamper with it. With my luck, I'd lose all the photos and have to start from scratch. Ask me how I know that!!!



  1. Love the supplies. Everything is so colourful.

  2. I like the dots and stripes, and I wonder what plans you have for the roving. All lovely things, enjoy.

  3. Great posts , Judy. I tried to comment on the next one but could not. The NS photos are really lovely and it makes me long to get back to the east coast. Enjoy!! Enjoy your purchases too!

  4. That wool roving called out to me, as well. The fabrics and threads are all wonderful and sparkly, I can't wait to see what you do with them.