Thursday, August 14, 2014

Bristol Renaissance Faire

This is the second year that I've attended the Bristol Renaissance Faire in Michigan. It was a very hot, sunny day. Many of the vendors and food stalls were the same as before but there were some new ones.
I was amazed at the different coloured leather skins that were available at a stall I didn't see last year. Anyone working with leather certainly had their pick of colours as well as natural coloured ones.

I loved the miniature fairy village (it wasn't there last year either). The photos don't do justice to the details on the pieces. Speaking of fairies, I got photos of three fairies this year. My little granddaughter was smitten by them. She's the little rag-a-muffin pictured below.



  1. Ahhhhhhhhhhhh - these photos are magical. LOVE the one with your granddaughter and the fairy. Happy Creative Thursday - Tanya

  2. What an incredible way to spend a day. I wish I'd been there.