Sunday, August 10, 2014

Quilters Quest

Quilters Quest is a fairly new shop located in Woodridge, IL. Even though it is listed in this summer's shop hop, I didn't realize it was en route to our Chicago destination each day. It was quite by accident that I discovered this. It is adjacent to a very large tool shop - how convenient is that! The shop also has a husband lounge area with a large screen TV (for those men not interested in tools).

As I opened the door to this wonderful quilt store, I was greeted by the owner. I introduced myself, told her about my blog. She gave me permission to take as many photos as I wanted, including all the wonderful quilts hanging all around the walls and shelves.

There was a Moda sale so lots of quilters were taking advantage of this event. I took my time looking around at all the wonderful fabrics, notions, threads and patterns (the tool shop was next door so I had lots of time)!!

Have a look at the shop:

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  1. You would have needed a search party to find me. I'd be lost in all that fabric.