Saturday, November 17, 2012

Friday at the Christmas Craft Fair

When I got home from the Christmas Craft Fair Wednesday afternoon, I realized I had missed the whole bottom floor of booths! So Friday I went back again. Of course, my wallet came away a little lighter too! I also took a few more photos to share here with you. Since I used to have a booth at this venue, I know most of the booth holders. I also introduced myself to the new crafts people, so going there for a quick visit never happens.

I was also lucky to get a quick lesson on rug hooking using hand dyed nylon pantihose from Molly at Molly Made. I like the finer texture using this material instead of the heavier weight yarns and cotton strips used for larger pieces. Both look great, but that is my preference. The mittens on the line are made with the pantihose.

I met Jason Holly a number of years ago when he was just starting to make chainmaille jewellery. Since then, he has expanded this technique to include the medium of clay. Jason just got back from SOFA, Chicago, where he had an exhibit of his work. Check out his blog.

The next three photos are from North Eastern Folk Art. They always have a great selection of pieces as well as new products each year.

Silver and Silk, by Rosland Ford, is another jewellery line to check out. She has also added copper pieces to her collection.

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  1. That must have bee a amazing show. I love the rugs and I have not heard of using dyed pantyhose. Neat idea. Thanks for sharing.