Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Felted ornaments

Today's topic is felted ornaments - wet and needle felting. Last week I made needle felted ornaments for the Devon House Shop, Craft Council of NL. I put silver lame cord at the top for hanging. My art work has been selling there since I started making original art pieces in 1999. Check out my web site and photos (link at the top of my blog) for a quick view of my work. I own a needle felting machine so making flat, decorative pieces of felt is quick and easy. However, for more dimensional work, hand felting needles are used. Check out a previous post on needle felting HERE.

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  1. Love the trees!!!!! and thanks for the great links!

  2. Thank ou so much for sharing your sites! I picked up some kind of wool or something that seems like it is for felting...I will post a picture....I am so curious about this texttile art. Those trees look so neat.