Thursday, November 8, 2012

2012 International Quilt Show - Houston

In 2001, I attended the International Quilt Show, Houston, Texas. It was, by far, the best quilting experience I've ever had. One of these days, I will go again. Check HERE, and HERE for past shows.
Check the following sites for photos and information about the 2012  International Quilt Show which was recently held in Houston.

JWD Publishing 
IQA 2012 Winners in Quilts: A World of Beauty
Slide Show from The Quilt Show -  well worth a look!
Art Quilts at the international quilt shows - not sure if these are 2012 or not but lovely quilts.
Terry Aske Art Quilt Studio - Houston
Susan Lenz at Houston
Elaine Quehl - The Experience
Susan Brubaker Knapp - Houston
Images on Google
Modern Quilts in Houston by Piece of Cake


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  1. Thanks for posting those links Judy. I keep forgetting to wander over to the International quilt show site. There is a woman in our guild who entered a quilt...I have to find out if it got accepted; the quilt was exquisite. I really like the idea of an embroidery guild. How many people belong to it and how often do you meet? It sound so neat! Maybe I could start a small one here. So mnay ideas around the net.