Thursday, October 11, 2012

Korak Hand Piecing

I sat down at my computer with no particular idea for today's blog post so I started reading from my blog list. One word caught my eye: Korak. I was curious

Eva from Colourful Research: a Creative Diary, wrote that 'korak piecing' is an old technique from Central Asia (Afghanistan, Turkmenistan, and Usbekistan). It means mosaic. Please check out her tutorial on this piecing method HERE. Also check Ruth Tschudy for more on this particular style of quilting. Thanks, Eva, for this great tutorial and information on this type of piecing.

In my searching, I also found the home of the European Quilt Association. In the Gallery section, you will find lots of links to some fabulous 'eye candy'! You really need to check this out. Lots of inspiration!!

Enjoy . . .

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