Sunday, July 8, 2012

Len's Mill Store

While visiting London, Ontario, I paid a visit to Len's Mill Store. They wouldn't permit any photos to be taken. I entered the shop and didn't know which way to turn as there was everything under the sun, from clothing, food, dry goods, tools, crafty stuff, yarns and fabrics to furniture.

After looking from left to right and all around, I discovered the yarns and accessories / patterns to the right. Yes, I did purchase a few decorative balls of yarn for surface embellishment. Next to the yarns, were the decorator fabrics. A quick walk through this area brought me to the quilting section. All the cottons were arranged by theme such as cats, dogs, coffee, tea, wildlife, butterflies, Asian, batiks, . . . you get the idea. Again, I made a few small purchases of batiks and glittery fabrics.

There was everything you could ever need for sewing and quilting, including tools and other notions (some of the things were very dated, while others were new) - a one stop shopping experience! It was very warm in the building as there was no air conditioning so I didn't linger too long. The outside temperature was 32C and climbing and it seemed just as warm inside!


  1. Sounds like you are having a really dreadful time on this trip - must be hard deciding what to buy whn you go into these shops - they look great.

  2. Have been in Len's Mills in Kitchener and Stoney Creek and they are overwhelming in what they have. You never know what you will find... Again , never got a chance to get to one my last visit so I'm visiting one vicariously thru you! lol
    Have a great time!