Monday, July 30, 2012

Ottawa Street, Hamilton

Yesterday, I went to Hamilton, Ontario, to visit relatives. While there, I took a detour to Ottawa Street (scroll down), the textile and fabric district. Unfortunately, been Sunday, most of the shops were closed. I thought that strange as the malls and big box stores were all opened. At Fabricland, I was told that the local fabric shops were family owned and as a result kept Sunday as a family day. Here are a few photos I took of the area.

Had a fabulous brunch at this diner!


  1. What a wonderful street, Judy - maybe one day I will get there along with the other thousands of places I want to visit. My husband's grandmother was born in Hamilton & at the age of 3 was back in England. We've yet to be able to substantiate that fact with a birth certificate.

  2. Looks like you're having a great time! I was raised a few blocks away from Ottawa St. Know it well. It isn't quite was it use to be regarding fabric and notion shops but it's still a place I try to visit when there. The very first Tim's in Canada is on Ottawa St down couple of blocks towards Maine St.
    Curry's Art store is a fabulous place to get art supplies (sketch nooks etc) and they are on King st near Dundurn.
    Safe travels! And thanks for letting us travel with you!

  3. What an amazing street, it would make one feel like Alice in Wonderland with the oversized notions.