Tuesday, April 10, 2012


Well, spring weather has finally arrived! By that I don't mean wet, foggy days, as we've had that. I mean warm sunshine. It's registering 20C on my back deck. The car therometer was 16C about an hour ago. So to celebrate, here is some quilted stuff specifically for spring.

Spring in the Swamp Quilt
Spring Flowers
Spring Blossoms
Spring Beauties - Tulip Garden
Spring is in the Air - Contra Costa Quilt Show
Bird Houses - free patterns
Love-ly Garden - free applique pattern
Flower Garden Pillow Tutorial


  1. Thank you for the links...I really like the bird houses:)

  2. You have the same thermometer as ME! on the other side of the country yet... Love the little view of your yard, my kinda place!

  3. I like spring, too! Thanks for the links.