Saturday, March 17, 2012

Spring? - Not here yet!

While most of the country has been experiencing spring like weather, St. John's certainly hasn't! Yesterday we has freezing rain with everything covered in ice. Today the temperature ventured above freezing enough to melt the ice that had formed on everything. In fact, for awhile there this evening, it felt a bit like spring. Or was that wishful thinking? Anyway, to celebrate the coming of Spring, here are a few projects for you to check. Something just might catch your eye!
  • At Sew We Quilt, March is table runner month. Have a gander at their stuff. For some reason, I rather like the detachable hexagon runner. If I did this one, each one would be whole cloth with the back fabric coming toward the front to form the border.
  • The folks at All People Quilt, have scads of table top quilts to choose from. I like the watermelon table runner. This one is posted in lots of time for summer dining too.
  • The Warm Company has a pattern for a set of placemats and table runner made in lovely spring colours.
  • There is a neat Apple Core table runner at Spun Sugar Quilts. I think this one could be made in other colours to suit the season or holiday.
  • Easter projects can be found at the Quilting Gallery blog and at Free Patterns (applique chick & Easter egg projects).
  • More table decorations on the Free Patterns web site
  • Carrot Table Runner posted on my blog.
Photo by Judy Cooper

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