Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Tip for the Day: Cleaning Your Iron

I read somewhere on the web that Magic Erasers were great for cleaning the soleplate of an iron. I decided to try it today. Well, it really works. I spritzed the eraser and ironed over it with a hot iron until the bottom was clean. You may have to spritz the eraser multiple times depending on how dirty the iron is. However, don't pick up the eraser until it cools a bit! Guess how I know that . . .

I have used the commercial iron cleaners in the past. Most of them smoke a bit when wiped on a hot iron. I don't like that side affect. However, the eraser method is perfect. I also found out that the cheap ones at the $ Shop are just as good as the more expensive ones.

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  1. Wow thank you for that tip now I have to find out what are 'magic erasers'.....sorry a bit old and not up with all the new stuff do I just ask for 'magic erasers' i am in Australia would we have them here.