Thursday, March 22, 2012

Snap Tape Bag

At Cabot Quilt Guild Tuesday evening, the program committee had a power point presentation on making snap tape bags. This method for presentation works well for a large group as everyone was able to see the photos on making the bag. After the presentation, everyone had a chance to see and handle the sample bags that were on display (see photo below for three of them). The neat thing about these bags is the use of the dollar store metal measuring tapes for the snap closure. The tape measure is cut to length for each side. The ends are rounded and then inserted in the casing. It is suggested to tape the metal ends to prevent them from cutting the material. As well, the numbers should face the inside of the bag on both sides. Voila! A neat, inexpensive snap closure for your bag! Of course, all that is in the free pattern tutorial.
  • Check out this Snap Bag Pattern Tutorial Video 
  • The Tattered Garden Quilting also has a tutorial for this bag
I also came across Purse Patterns, a site that has all kinds of free patterns. Better get a cup of tea before you start searching through the links listed there!


  1. Which link did you use for the ones pictured? I like the tabs. Shuttermom77 at gmail dot com

  2. Thanks for the tutorial and the link for purse patterns, Big help!