Wednesday, April 15, 2020

Still Here

No, I haven't given up on blog posting. Trying to keep busy but not necessarily working in my studio.
We've taken up bread baking since been confined to the house. There is a shortage of yeast so bread baking maybe short lived!


The clothes line was fixed after it broke last fall so I am enjoying hanging clothes out instead of using the dryer.
A pair of ducks paid us a visit after a heavy rainfall a couple weeks ago. This kept me amused for awhile.

A new shimmer has been designed but that's as far as it goes. You will have to wait and see what it is. About a dozen sheets of shimmers have been stitched on my machine this month.

Another Reversible Fibre Lace Scarf was just completed.

I decided to join in with a 90 day insta stitch with Sue Spargo. There are 90 one inch felt circles stitched onto a felted background. I decided to use a bit of boiled wool coat fabric for this. As you can see, I'm about 17 days late starting as # 17 was introduced this morning. It's a cute bee. I have to get busy.

Here's the first embroidered circle Sue introduced so you get the idea. Each one will be entirely different.
My first circle is green. I will be using a combination of Valdani and Sue Spargo threads.


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  1. I do envy you that clothesline as we currently have wet laundry hanging all over the apartment! And that bread looks so good!!!!! btw - I've tried to find a link to the circle project by Sue Spargo - is it only on instagram? I'm not on that so can't access it. Not that I plan to do it myself but I would link on my blog.