Sunday, April 19, 2020

More Circles - Instastitchwithsue

As promised, circle # 2.
My tension was off as you can see on the bottom left. I was going to take it out but that was more work than I wanted to do. So I added another outer edge as seen in 2nd photo.

A variegated chain stitch was embroidered at the edge. I thought that yellow might be the one but it was too garish. This will work for now.
# 3 Working with the colours of my felted circles, choosing the right colour was a challenge.

 #4 This one might need another outer edge added too.
 #5 Did I mention that I love variegated threads?!! Candy colours!
 #6 The center of this one is all fly stitches.
#7  This is suppose to be a seed pod. Not sure if I like the orange chain stitch on the orange felt. But it is what it is!!!

I'm using my own colour scheme. Most of the threads are Valdani, with a few from Sue Spargo's line of threads. All the # 5 pearl cotton is DMC that my sister gifted to me many years ago when I lived in NL. Thank you, Joan. They are coming in handy for this project.

Here's my colour pallet. It will be an interesting collection of designs when all 90 are finished!