Saturday, March 9, 2019

Birch Trees

I have another miniature piece finished. Needing a quick name, I've called it Birch Trees. Yes, very original, I know, but something else might pop into my head. I'm open to suggestions. In creating art, I find that coming up with an appropriate name,is  the hardest thing to do. I don't want something corny.

The trees and rocks are hand appliqued in place. Check HERE in a post from a few years ago (scroll down) to find out how I created the rocks for using in my pieces. The daisies were first hand stitched onto Aqua Magic water soluble fabric, spritzed with water and left to dry then stitched on the background fabric. The lupines were free motion stitched onto purple organza. French knots were used for the dandelions and tiny forget me knots.

Below is the piece before adding the extra flowers. 


  1. The purple flowers top it off = a lovely piece.

  2. Thanks, I agree it needed the extra flowers. Lupins grow all over the place so a fitting choice.

  3. I like this one too Judy! Must be something about birch trees because I'm contemplating them for my current project (which may, or may not, be going off the rails....momma ain't happy with it!!)