Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Bolgathon, Canada - Maritimes

Welcome to the second day of Blogathon Canada! Thanks to Sew Sisters Quilt Shop for sponsoring this event and to Linda at Scrapmaster, and Linda at Stitch Lines, for co-hosting the Maritimes and Newfoundland Labrador.

A little about myself:  I live in St. John's, Newfoundland, Canada. I've been retired from teaching 17 years (I can't believe it) and having a great time creating with all kinds of fabric, threads, and yarns. To find out how I started creating textile art, please go to a previous post from 2010, Voyage of Discovery.

Since 1999, I have created many textile pieces portraying Newfoundland landscapes and seascapes. I have won several awards for my work, have been published, and had a gallery opening in Chicago, IL. Several pieces of my art have been purchased by the Government of Newfoundland Labrador and by the City of St. John's as part of the art procurement program.

I wasn't satisfied with the commercial fabrics printed with rocks (we have a very rocky terrain) so I researched how to print on fabric from my computer. The discovery of Bubble Jet Set 2000, saved the day, and I have been using it until pretreated fabric became available. I was printing on fabric long before it became popular with many textile artists. The rock fabrics I use are printed from my own photos. I usually cut up a printed sheet and applique the rocks to the background.

In All It's Glory is an example using 'rocks' printed from my computer. This piece was on exhibit at the Grand National Quilt Show, Ontario in 2002. The sky and ocean are hand dyed. The rocks and beach are printed on silk, cut out and each piece appliqued to the surface. The foliage and flowers are stitched onto organza using free motion stitching, cut out and stitched in place.
The other photos are samples of the textile art I have created. I thoroughly enjoy what I do. 
Check out my other photos and please visit my Website and things I have saved to Pinterest.
At the moment, I am getting ready to participate in the annual Christmas Craft Fair sponsored by the Craft Council of NL. This is the first time in four years that I will have a booth at the fair so needless to say, it's been a busy fall. Since my previous display was dismantled, my husband has been working overtime to get another one ready for set up Wednesday afternoon. The fair opens at noon, Thursday, Nov 20th and runs until Sunday, Nov 23. Maybe I'll see some of my local visitors to my blog there. Please drop by and say hello!
Thanks for visiting!
Click on the Blogathon Canada logo to the right of my post for the lists of hosts for the week. Lots to see and lots of quilters to meet.
There will also be some great giveaways!
In All It's Glory
Treasures of the Sea, Award for Innovation and Design

Calm (private collection, California, USA) 

View From The Rooms

The Deep

Quilt for granddaughter

Western Brook Gorge (commissioned piece)
The mountain is dyed cheese cloth.

Gower Street, St. John's (commissioned piece)

Fishermen's Museum, English Harbour West
 (Part of the City of St. John's art collection)

Fishing Stage, Quidi Vidi, St. John's (commissioned piece)

Tea Cosy (private collection)

Pisces Fantastica
Garden Sewing Box (published in magazine, A Needle Pulling Thread;
also won award for Technical Mastery, NL; and Original Design, EAC)

Back Garden (commissioned piece)


  1. Hi Judy! I love your post! Such wonderful creations. I just love In All It's Glory. Reminds me of home. I love that you make your own rock fabric. It was totally my pleasure to meet you in person and in fact, I am going to Fabricville in Bedford this morning and if I have time, probably a little lunch at Swiss Chalet!

  2. Your work is so interesting. I really like the boxes you made - absolute treasures!

  3. Hello Judy! Dropping in from Blogathon Canada. Your art work is amazing! I am awestruck. I must say, though.... The cute little sheep quilt you made for your granddaughter really appeals to me. So cute! Nice to meet you!

  4. wow your pieces are so wonderful. I love the color and textures. Thanks for sharing

  5. Good Morning Judy...ooops, I guess it's already afternoon in NL. Thanks for taking part in the Blogathon today. I hope you get lots of visitors. Your work is awesome!! I'll be back to visit often! Nfld. is the only province I haven't yet visited - I WILL get there one day.. and when I do, I'll look you up! :)

  6. Your landscape pieces are gorgeous! I also love the Gower Street one. And the tea cosy. And the fishes. I added your blog to my favorites. I will definitely come back here.

  7. Nice projects, some look almost like a real picture.

  8. Judy , your work is wonderful , I just love it !

  9. Mind boggling fiber art, I really enjoyed scrolling through your blog. Thank you for being a part of the blog hop. so nice to meet other Canadian quilters.

  10. amazing and varied works of art

  11. What stunning work you do Judy- My husband grew up in St.John's so I love the pieces of Newfoundland scenery. I am a prairie girl and we live in Edmonton - I know my husband Bruce misses the Rock and especially the sea .
    I am sure your pendants will be big hits at the craft fair-
    Regards from Alberta,
    Anna McCurdy aka quiltmom

  12. So many beautiful pieces! You're right, the terrain here in NL is rather rocky. The rocks on your fabric look perfect.

  13. Your sterling pendants are stunning as are your landscapes of Newfoundland. My husband and I plan to spend considerable time in Newfoundland this upcoming summer/fall. We are very excited to visit your province. I have enjoyed to your blog. I will return.

  14. First time visitor from ND, USA as I blog hop across Canada. I recently retired too after working 12 years with young children not counting staying home with my own 5 children. Beautiful pics. Love the Pisces.

  15. Your work is gorgeous! I haven't started on the quilt using the patterns you sent me yet. Soon though, I just have about three older ones I have to finish.