Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Christmas Craft Fair

It's hard to believe that the annual Christmas Craft Fair is over for another year. I would like to thank everyone who visited my booth and for those who purchased Christmas shimmer ornaments and other gifts. I know that some of my work will be going to China. A lovely young Chinese lady has been travelling across the country for several months and Newfoundland was her last stop. She is taking some of my shimmers, pins and cards back with her.

Other gifts will be going to West Africa, Spain, Scotland, Athens, USA, England, Australia and Eastern Europe. Years ago, I decided that some of my work had to be light enough and small enough to go into an envelope for mailing as the cost of mail is quite expensive. Over the years, I have found out that a lot of my work has travelled to most countries around the world. That is exciting!

My new Fibre Art Pendants were a hit this year! Now I have to make more for the Anna Templeton Tea and Sale in December.

Here's a few photos (taken by my husband) of my booth at the fair:

Just setting up so pendants aren't on the black
jewellery stands yet

Converted music stand holds a selection of Fibre Lace Scarves

Velcro is a wonderful invention!
Even the aluminum bars holding my art pins are attached to the back panel with it.


  1. Great photos. Your booth looks wonderful and inviting. So happy it went well for you. Good luck in December!

  2. What a pretty booth and congrats on having your work travel the world! Good luck at the next sale!