Thursday, August 23, 2018

Trip to Avonport and Beyond . . .

My sister, Joan, has been here from Tennessee, since last Thursday night. We have been visiting lots of places and checking out quilting and yarn shops. Tuesday, we went to Avonport Discount Fabrics (Facebook link) which is an hour and eighteen minutes from Pine Grove. The day was lovely and warm.

Of course we spent quite awhile in the store looking at all the lovely fabrics. We both made several purchases. I picked up a few pieces of Batiks to use for clapboard in my 5" x 5" framed pieces. You can never have too many colours: neutral shades this time.

Joan was looking for Canadian quilt fabrics. She noticed some Cantik Batik 10" squares called Gemcubes. Each set of 40 pieces, 2 of each colour, 10" squares, represented the various regions of Canada. She chose the Newfoundland / Atlantic Coast collection. It's too bad that you can't see what each square looks like as you don't really know what you are getting. Joan's collection, however, is beautiful and she's glad she purchased it. What do you think?

I will have to wait and see what these will become.

I opened the package so you can see more of the fabrics.

Our road trip also included visiting Wolfville and Kentville.

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  1. I like the idea behind the Gemcubes - would be curious to know what the differences would be between the packages for different areas of Canada, and even more curious to know what your sister plans to make with hers!