Friday, September 7, 2018

Art and a Sunset

I haven't been blogging very much this summer. For one thing, it has been way too hot. However, a heat pump was installed about three weeks ago so it is now lovely and cool inside. We have had friends from Newfoundland visit as well as family from Tennessee and Ottawa so I've been busy with them.

This mini garden was completed last week. It is matted 5" x 5". The background is cotton with free-motion stitching. The old basket was stitched on a tan coloured fabric and appliqued by machine. The foliage is a combination of hand embroidery and machine stitching. The tiny French knots represent dandelion flowers. When I was a child I would often pick them in the back yard and bring them into my mother. Most of my landscapes have a dandelion or two embroidered on them.

Under the Sea was finished a few days ago. This one is matted 5" x 7". It is also a combination of machine and hand stitching. 
I had to add this sunset. I took this from the car as we were driving home from Halifax this evening. Love those colours!!

Sunset along the 103, on the way home from Halifax
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I'll try to be a bit more regular with posts this fall.


  1. That sunset is incredible!!! How I would love a piece of fabric with those colours. I have always thought dandelions are beautiful - how could something that sunny yellow be anything but pretty. Your little garden picture is filled with sweet little details - and a I noticed 'your' fish in your undersea piece. Thank you for the links (and the nice shout out too!!).

  2. p.s. - the links to your previous Under the Sea pieces both go to the same post....thought you'd like to know!