Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Getting Back to Work - SLOWLY!

In December, I bought myself a 2000 piece jig saw puzzle. Yep, nuts for sure! I haven't done a puzzle in over 20 years. Lots of them got done at our house as children. So, I set this one up and have been working on it over the holidays. I needed to get away from hand / machine work for awhile. I'm ready to get back into the grove of creating again. However, the puzzle 'Moose Be Done'. I copied that phrase from a magnetic note pad my granddaughter gave me.

I just love the bright colours in this puzzle. 

My first project will be more Credit Card Holders. See a few HERE.  I purchased some vibrant coloured fabric a few days ago to use for these. Most of my fabrics are inaccessible at the moment, so what is one to do BUT buy more fabric!



  1. Find out where she got that magnet and get one for you know who, please!
    Nice puzzle!

  2. The magnetic fridge note pad was bought locally. I'll see what I can find one for someone!!

  3. I've been toying with getting a jigsaw puzzle too - when I was a kid there was always one on the go over the winter months. Not sure I'd tackle one with quite that many pieces though!

    1. 300 pieces is a date... more than that is a commitment!