Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Work in Progress

Where does a day go? Between my gopher job (which is intermittent - renos on new place), domestic stuff, and dance class (not me, Gale), time flies!  BUT while waiting for her, I walked 2.5 km around the indoor track at the LCLC. Then everyone was back here for supper.

I did manage to finish up free-motion stitching a few more pieces for the Credit Card Holders. Here's a sample. On the right side is the  embellished fabric. It is difficult to see the glittery threads and yarns used. I will be taking some of these with me for Devon House, on my trip back to NL at the end of the month.
I've linked up with The Needle & Thread Network this week.


  1. Wonderful colours and fun to see the way the embellishing threads change the overall look.