Monday, July 31, 2017

Nautical Theme

My sister, Joan, arrived at noon from Tennessee. She had a long drive to get here. Of course, my birthday present came with her. I had posted about this Nautical Octopus Beach Bag on July 12th. and mentioned that I loved the pattern. So Joan downloaded the FREE pattern and made it for me. It was a total surprise! I love it. The colours are perfect for me. The bag also had some fat quarters and the blue fish. The fish will be going in my new garden in Nova Scotia. Thanks, Joan. You are a special sister.

We just bought a house near Bridgewater, NS - close to family and sleep-overs with our granddaughter. Gale and I will be planting bulbs in the fall. New adventures ahead!

In my back yard

I'm pretending the fish is swimming among the river weeds.


  1. Gorgeous bag! Love the octopus! Lots of new adventures ahead for you.

  2. Lucky you to have a sister that knows what you like!