Wednesday, July 26, 2017


It's amazing the things you find when sorting and packing! Occasionally, I would hold up something and wonder  "Why did I buy this? or "What was I thinking!!" My advise to all my stitching / quilting / sewing buddies: go through your stuff every few years. Go on a sorting mission and decide what's useful and good to keep and what's ready to leave the house.

Most of my studio is packed up. I'm leaving the downstairs stuff until my sister arrives either Sunday or Monday.

Everything I pack is either in plastic totes or plastic lined cardboard packing boxes.  I'm also using a yellow duct tape to designate my 'stuff'! Each box is labeled with a list of the contents and ready to be shipped to its new home!

Just some of my sewing machine threads.

Almost empty!

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  1. This must mean your move is imminent. Kinda sad, really, to see those empty shelves, but you also must feel excited to be able to set up in a new space. As for the sorting/clearing issue - I keep looking at my storage area (the closet) and thinking it needs a grand overhaul again. If only to refresh my memory about what I have in there!