Thursday, March 2, 2017

Scissor Fobs

Yesterday I stitched for the first time since fracturing my right arm. Since I didn't want to have anything heavy in a hoop, I decided to dig out a small embroidery project that I started several years ago. It was a Floating Beaded Ornament. This was a guild program piece that we turned into scissor fobs.

For those of you who aren't into hand embroidery, you are probably wondering what that is. Well, a scissor fob is a little ornament / pincushion with a cord or ribbon attached, that slips onto one side of a scissor finger ring. This pincushion is the perfect place to put your needle when you are cutting the next length of thread. It is also a way to identify your scissors when out stitching in a group.

These fobs are usually about 2 to 3 inches square but what shape you use is entirely up to the maker. You can make them to suit the season or your personal taste. Just have fun with it.

The green one still needs tiny glass beads in the spaces. I started the red one yesterday. It is stitched on 6" x 6" Dublin 25 count linen.

Here is the 'lazy' gal's fob made with beads and a lobster hook to attach it to the scissors. Mine is a purchased one that I got on one of my trips. The scissor's case is made from my own embellished fabric.

This small pair of Gingher scissors needs a fob!

You might find a fob to make in some of these links:


  1. Beautiful stitching. Thanks for the links.

  2. These are a great idea - especially when you take your scissors to stitch days. Must say though - I wonder who ever thought up the word 'fob'.