Monday, March 13, 2017


Today my embroidery machine stitched out 20 new Viking Shimmer Ornaments to add to the 30 Stitched yesterday. The Viking Ships are part of an order that I just received.  I figure I'd better make as many different shimmers as I can before the beginning of June. I will have a booth at the (EAC) Embroiderers' Guild of Canada Seminar to be held here in May, so Shimmers will be available. Also, I won't be making shimmers during the summer and I will need more for early fall.

I didn't have any birthday wrapping paper up a present for my granddaughter's 6th birthday on Sunday (her father is flying back to Nova Scotia tomorrow) so I stitched up a bag for the gift instead. That's what happens when you aren't permitted to drive until arm heals!. Now she will have a drawstring bag for some small objects. It's also another way to use up scraps of fabric.

I found this one in my cupboard that my sister, Joan, made years ago as loot bags for one of her children's parties. Both bags have something in them for Gale.


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  1. Some great ideas to create for special birthdays - thank you!