Monday, July 20, 2015

Stitching Outside

It was a nice, warm afternoon. The light under the awing was perfect, so I decided to get in a bit of quality hand stitching.

Yes, I do sometimes stitch when on vacation! I attached my portable embroidery hoop holder to the picnic table and started on a piece of red work using blue thread. I posed in the sun for the photo and then got back under the awing. To bad I didn't look in the mirror before having my photo taken! When I took off my hat, a strand of hair was standing straight up.

I will post a photo of my work later.


  1. And believe it or not, the strand of hair sticking up was not noticed until you mentioned it. You look relaxed! Great! Doesn't look like summer is coming to NL so a good thing you are "away"! Safe travels!

  2. Stitching outside is perfect. I often think of taking mine out on the balcony but if I drop something I'd end up having to go down six flights of stairs to retrieve it.