Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Shopping at Quilt Festival

I have mixed feelings toward the Quilt Market at the International Quilt Festival here in Chicago. For one thing, I had expectations that it would be bigger (guess the Houston Show years ago, spoiled me). This one is much smaller. I covered it twice in one day.

There were few books on display. None of the publishing companies were there. All the major sewing machines were represented as well as several thread manufacturers. I noticed that felt embroidery kits were a big item and Valdani threads are the ones of choice for use in these kits.

I did buy a few things! Have a look.

Variegated Batiks 

Perfect to shred for grass in landscapes!

Hand dyed wool

Sampler kit of Wonderfil Threads

Hand Dyed Pearl Cottons

Oliver Twists Embellishment Threads / Yarns


  1. I had to laugh when I started to scroll down your photos showing your purchases and I started to hyperventilate!!! LOVE your new stash! Enjoy the Festival tho it's,not quite what you were expecting.

  2. You will have fun with all your new purchases for sure! I wouldn't mind having that assortment of Wonderfil threads. very yummy.

  3. I wonder if the publishing companies are suffering with the advent of e-readers and if that could be a big reason why they weren't at the show. Looks like you did a great job of shopping, despite the lack of reading material!!

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