Saturday, March 21, 2015

My Sewing Kit

Several of my stitching friends have made themselves Sewing Wallets. I've been looking at theirs for ages and finally got around to making one. Of course, I had to do something different (which is another story)! Things don't always turn out the way they should and I ended up doing some extra fiddling around to get it right. Reminder: read pattern over several times and think it through before proceeding !!! My friends will laugh at that, as I took apart another project last week (which I now have finished - again).

I still have to add a needle nest on the inside cover as well as a magnet for holding sewing needles when working. A decorative button might be put on the front. I haven't decided on that yet. There are three pockets on the inside. 

Here's the easiest one ever. It's an idea from Sew Many Ways. I think I'm going to get some of these and turn them into sewing kits. OR make one from scratch! You have to visit Sew Many Ways to see what I'm talking about.

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Before embellishments

embellished piece

Size when closed: 7" x 10"

Pockets piped with red. yellow & blue (the blue one is hard to see)

back of sewing wallet


  1. just beautiful-will be a joy to use
    Happy Spring

  2. I"m a huge fan of hussifs so of course I'm going to love this. So bright and colourful.

  3. Beautiful work and lovely colours