Thursday, March 5, 2015

New Fibre Art Pendants

This has been a busy work day. I have two new shimmers in the works which I will show soon. We just have to do some more tweaks in the embroidery program so they will stitch out well.

Last week I finished some more fibre art pendants. They are now ready for the trade show on March 23 here in St. John's. I have to order more of the pendant trays (that's one of the names for the frame the fibre goes in) because all the rectangular and square ones have been used. This time, I put them on a blue felt background. I think I prefer them on this colour instead of on white. Here's a few of them:


  1. These are wonderful Judy - so bright and colourful. Couldn't help but be happy wearing them!

  2. Beautiful! Each one is like a little jewel!

  3. These are gorgeous - do you sell via Etsy?